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  • Who is Celebrity?
  • A celebrity is a person who is well known and attracts a lot of public attention or attention from other people.

    A person the public knows as if a person in government can be well known, but not a celebrity unless something else makes them interesting or making special to other people.

    Usually, a person becomes a celebrity by entertainment such as people coming to the movies, people singing songs and people playing sports and many other platforms available at this time.

    Indian Celebrity

    India is one of the countries with the largest population, so it is clear that the number of celebrities in India is very large.

    If you don’t know, let me tell you one thing.

    Every person who is associated with Bollywood (which is the biggest film industry) is a celebrity.

    Bollywood is not the only platform to become Famous, but it depends entirely on your skills.

    If you are interested in acting, dancing, singing and other fields, you can choose Bollywood to be famous.

    If you are interested in playing sports like, cricket, tennis, football and more, in this filed you also be famous.

    for example.

    In cricket Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli and many more cricketer are famous all around the worlds.